13 Ways a 13th Check Helps Retirees

13 Ways a “13th Check Helps: No. 1 – at the Gas Pump

Texans have felt it all year long when we’ve filled up our cars and trucks. 

Gas costs more. Driving to the doctor’s office and grocery store costs more. Hitting the road to see kids and grandkids costs more.

This past summer, the price of a gallon of gas in Texas climbed to record levels because of the global economic downturn, the war in Ukraine, and other factors. Even now, filling up the tank is much more expensive than it was last fall.

State of Texas Retirees feel it especially hard. They haven’t seen an increase in their monthly checks from the Employees Retirement System in 20 years. They’ve had the same income for two decades.

But state lawmakers will have the chance to make it easier next year

Texas has enough money in its budget to provide a 13th check to all retired state workers, just like retired teachers have gotten over the past few years. Instead of tax breaks for the wealthy, the Legislature should help the retired public servants who spent their careers making Texas safer, stronger, and healthier. 

A 13th check would make good on the state’s commitment to these longtime workers day in and day out — starting at the gas pump.

Be sure you register to vote and find out about joining AFSCME Texas Retirees so you can make a difference.

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